Upcoming Westborough Center and History Programs

  • Westborough Historical Society Program: “Three Turning Points That Changed American History,” Monday, January 13, 7:00 p.m., Westborough Public Library Meeting Room. Prof. Edward O’Donnell of the College of the Holy Cross will discuss landmark movements and events that have irrevocably altered the direction of the nation. Some were groundbreaking political concepts; some were dramatic military victories and defeats. Still others were religious movements or technological innovations. Can you guess the three most important turning points?
  • Join the Westborough Decade Project. The Westborough History Working Group will be selecting a different decade from the 20th century and exploring what life was like in Westborough during that time. As a group, we will select which decade we want to explore, learn how to use the resources here at the library to research that decade, and then create a final project to share what we have learned with the Westborough community.  The first meeting, where we will select which decade we want to explore, will be on Wednesday, January 15 at 2 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the library. Click here to learn more information.
  • “DIY: Researching Your Historic Property – Part One” – Sunday, March 29, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Library Meeting Room. In this series, R. Chris Noonan and Luanne Crosby will use real-life examples to teach you how to research your own historic property in a number of ways, from tracing the ownership to exploring the history of the neighborhood and community in which the property is located. Co-sponsored by Westborough TV. Click here to register and guarantee a spot.
  • New! The Early Development of Westborough through Church and State: A Walking Tour – Click on the link to this tour on your smart phone and use it to learn about the separation of church and state and how it affected Westborough, MA in this self-directed online walking tour of Westborough’s downtown. The tour starts at the Westborough Rotary and was created by Emily Bartee and Kayla Niece of Girl Scout Troop 30551 as a Silver Award project.

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Current Exhibit

Special Exhibit: “Westborough: Portraits of a Town” by Brandin Tumeinski, Photographer-in-Residence, 2018-2019. Now on display at the Westborough Center for History and Culture at the Westborough Public Library.

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Regular Programming and Services

  • Westborough Archive – explore and discover Westborough’s deep local history resources and collections, many of which are available online. Research guides to local history collections are also available.
  • Westborough History Connections – how does Westborough connect to regional, national, and international historical trends? Each year we will focus on a specific topic and design programs to help us figure out this question together. This year’s topic: how does history connect Westborough and India?
  • Architectural Walking Tours – learn about the houses and buildings in various Westborough neighborhoods.
  • Photographer-in-Residence Program – learn more about this program that is designed to document life and culture in Westborough.
  • The Ebenezer Parkman Project – Rev. Ebenezer Parkman was Westborough’s first minister, and throughout his life he kept a detailed diary, which is now considered to be one of the best resources for understanding daily life in colonial New England. This website brings together his diary and other writings.
  • Westborough History Blog – do you have a story, memory, or historical knowledge of Westborough that you want to share? You can publish it on this community blog.

The Westborough Center for History and Culture also offers research support for Westborough local history and genealogy, local history programs coordinated with the Westborough Public Schools, volunteer and internship opportunities, and a place to “experience history” (right now we have a collection of stereoscopes available for viewing).

Do you have an idea for a program or cultural event that will enhance the understanding of our community? Do you have a historical or cultural item related to Westborough that you would like us to digitize and add to our digital collections? Do you want to help us organize or scan a collection? Stop by or contact Anthony Vaver (Local History Librarian) at 508-366-3050 ext. 5284 or email avaver@town.westborough.ma.us.