Church & State Walking Tour: Westborough Public Library

55 West Main Street

The first library in Westborough was formed in 1731, but it wasn’t until 1773 when Reverend Parkman’s son, Breck, formed a library society. His store on Main Street held the town’s first library collection. In 1807, the society was revitalized with David Warren serving as President of the Society, Charles Parkman (Brecks’ son) as Clerk, and Breck Parkman as librarian. At the time, an annual membership fee was $5.50-$15, and a non-member borrowing fee was $2. After the first town hall was renovated, the first floor became a permanent spot for the town’s library in 1868. The library that stands today on the corner of West Main Street and Parkman Street was built in 1908. When it first opened, the library housed 13,000 books for both adults and children. In 1978, the town voted to put $1,210,582 towards adding two floors onto the historical building. The last addition to the library was constructed in 1984 when it began to offer the services of an Apple IIe microcomputer to the public at no charge. The library then became a multidimensional service agency that prospers to this day.

The library in Town Hall, 1868-1906 (Westborough Public Library)
The library, ca. 1908 (Westborough Public Library)

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