“Hidden Histories” Tour Images: The Baby Doll Murder

The Central House

Dwight Chapman (Westborough Chronotype, June 13, 1919)
Harry and Eleanor (aka, Baby Doll) Baker (1919)
40 South St. – where Central One Credit Union is now (1919)
Chapman’s Lodgings Being Searched (Westborough Chronotype, June 13, 1919)
Chapman’s Kitchen, the safe is to the right (1919)
Chapman’s Bed (1919)
Chapman’s Safe after It Was Opened by the Police (1919)
The Bakers Escorted by the Police after Their Capture (1919)
Harry Baker (Westborough Chronotype, June 20, 1919)
Eleanor “Baby Doll” Baker (Westborough Chronotype, June 20, 1919)