Photographer-in-Residence Program

Photograph from “Westborough: Portraits of a Town” by Brandin Tumeinski

* * *

Westborough has a strong photographic history. Many photographers maintained studios in Westborough over the years, which is partly why the documentation of Westborough’s history is so rich and deep. In celebration and recognition of this history, the Westborough Center for History and Culture annually designates someone to serve as a Photographer-in-Residence to capture the life and culture of Westborough over the course of one year. The overall goal is to continue adding to Westborough’s photographic legacy, showcase how various photographers approach capturing Westborough’s life and culture differently, and in the process document changes in the town over time.

Brandin Tumeinski was our first Photographer-in-Residence in 2018-2019. His work culminated in a special exhibit book, “Westborough: Portraits of a Town,” which is now a part of the Westborough Archive. The photographs from his year-long project can be in the Westborough Digital Repository, and more photographs can be found on the Westborough Archives’s Instagram page.