Westborough History Connections

Westborough History Connections is a rolling series of programs where we explore how Westborough connects to regional, national, and international historical trends.

A Meeting of Two Cultures: Native Americans and Early European Settlers in Westborough

The Library’s Story – A Westborough Public Library Exhibit

Changing Pictures of Childhood: A Comparative History of Child Welfare in Westborough

History and the Westborough Seal

  • History and the Westborough Seal – This Westborough History Connections article discusses how and why Westborough’s town seal was changed in 1967, Eli Whitney and the consequences that resulted from his cotton gin invention, and some uncomfortable content discovered while researching the seal.

The Fight for Women’s Suffrage in Westborough

How Does History Connect Westborough and India? Blog Series

Past Westborough History Connections Programs on Westborough TV: