Changing Pictures of Childhood: The Lyman School – Work

Every boy attending the Lyman School was assigned to a specific trade and spent more time working than in the classroom. According to the 1910 U.S. Census, out of 333 boys listed as being enrolled in the school, the top three entries for “Occupation” were the following:

  • “Servant” (working in the Farm, Home/House, or Hospital) – 124 (37%)
  • “Laborer” (Boiler/Engine Room, Farm, Greenhouse, Home/House, Lawns, Odd Jobs, or Shoe Shop) – 73 (22%)
  • “Launderer” 21 (6%)

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  • What kind of work is shown in the images, and what are the boys being trained to do? What kind of future are they being prepared for?
  • Is the work appropriate for boys their age to be learning? How safe is what they are doing?

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